Covid-19 Preparedness and Response


Clients should wear a mask except under the following circumstances:

  • Clients with breathing issues may find wearing a mask uncomfortable or frightening
  • Clients with hearing aids or hearing issues who find it difficult to hear someone who is speaking with a mask on

Clients are encourage to bring their own mask, but the office will provide a mask to a client.

Before the law firm accepts in-person meeting, client will be asked the following 3 questions:

1. Do you have symptoms of covid-19? The symptoms include but are not limited to: fever, respiratory cough or distress, body aches, headaches, loss of taste or smell. If the response is yes, the client will be asked to self-quarantine and schedule an appointment upon receipt from laboratory that test results for covid-19 are negative.

2. Have you been in contact with anyone in previous 14 days who tested positive for covid-19? If the response is yes, the client will be asked to do a teleconference call or a zoom meeting to discuss the legal issue. Once 14 days have passed without any symptoms of covid-19, client may schedule an in-person meeting.

3. Have you travelled internationally or out of state in the previous 14 days? If the response is yes, the client may make an appointment but must wear a mask. Between the time of scheduling the appointment and arriving for the appointment, if client develops symptoms of covid-19, client shall inform the law office.

The law office will record the responses to the 3 questions and file them in the client/potential client’s file.

Client will enter outer office only to announce their presence.
Client will be directed to the conference room.
Client may not approach the legal assistant without a mask on.
Conference will be set up for social distancing rules whenever possible.
Conference room shall be cleaned prior to client visit and immediately after client visit.
Clients are encouraged to use hand sanitizer in the conference room.
Clients who bring in refreshments must take beverage container out with them.

Client paperwork cannot be wiped free of germs or virus. Therefore, clients who bring paperwork into the conference room may need to leave the paperwork with the staff and it will remain untouched for 72 hours. Similarly, clients who leave the conference with paperwork should leave the paperwork untouched for 72 hours. Documents that require immediate processing may be segregated from other paperwork and deposited into an envelope that has previously been treated with a disinfectant spray.