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How To Hire And Screen A Home Care Provider

By Nancy Kropiewnicki, Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan

Hire and Screen a Home Care Provider Presentation

What’s new?

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently welcomed Beth A. Swagman as an accredited attorney for the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for veterans benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you or someone you know is a veteran with questions or issues regarding veterans benefits, give Beth A. Swagman a call for a consultation on the matter.

What is a snap shot date and why is it important?

The snap shot date is the first day of 30 continuous days of care in a hospital or long term care facility.  The snap shot date is important if the patient or family intends to apply to Medicaid or to the Veterans Administration for financial assistance.  The assets the patient has on the snap shot date are considered by Medicaid and the VA  for determining eligibility.  If the patient has too many assets to be eligible for Medicaid or the VA, some estate planning techniques may help to qualify the patient in the future.

My spouse needs nursing home care. Do I have to sell our house to qualify for Medicaid?

Unfortunately, some seniors are led to believe they have to sell their house to qualify for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care.  Current Medicaid rules allow an exemption for the primary residence .  In some situations, the transfer of ownership of the home to the non-nursing home spouse (community spouse) may be an option to avoid a sale.  Before you sell a major asset – in this case, your home – consult Beth A. Swagman, PLLC.